About us

About Us

What we do.


It is very difficult to capture what we do in a single line and we wanted to avoid writing one of those statements that can sound like marketing fluff. Here is a longer explanation of what we do.


We are a West Midlands based creative agency producing bespoke photography, high end retouching, graphic design, video content  and computer generated visualisation for our clients.  Think of us as a one stop shop for your creative needs.  We recognise our job is to help you sell so we produce creative work, that is also effective.

We offer a complete solution from brief to concept development to production and delivery;

Our photographic services can be provided independently, or as part of a wider production, we offer production management, mood-board development,  studio, product and location photography, retouching and color management.

Our effective and captivating design solutions  are underpinned by creative thinking and attention to detail.

Progression can help your products stand out in crowded on off or online spaces by creating engaging visual content for your brand.  We produce print campaigns, brand videos, fashion  and e-commerce shoots that engage audiences across channels including, print, online, mobile & in-store.

Our Leamington Spa studio is at the core of our operation, but we are happy to work wherever we are needed or on location at the other side of the world.

Enough talking about us, let’s talk about you…

We work with companies off all shapes and sizes. Whether you are a large multinational or a tiny local business, we will create exciting and innovative work which clearly reflects your personality and objectives within your budget.
We actively support start ups…we call them the world’s soon-to-be-biggest brands. We want to promote the growth and success of young, and not so young, entrepreneurs because we understand starting out can be a difficult, daunting and expensive. We are happy to share our knowledge and experience to ensure you can promote your product or service with exceptional creative at the lowest possible cost.

What we are about

We are a highly energetic and a very experienced bunch who thrive on engaging deeply with our clients. We work hard every single day and are devoted to delivering beautiful and effective creative. We promise to be as focused on your results as you are.
Honest, transparent, collaborative and straight–forward in our approach, we help big and small business bring their stories to life through photography and design. We value collaboration, both with each other and with our clients. We put great value on all our relationships because we know the best work comes from genuine and enduring relationships.

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