We offer a wide range of creative services.


Design & Reprographic Solutions


We offer a full design service including branding, look books, brand communication literature, magazine layout, advertising for print and web, point of sale, product art work, packaging and exhibition stands.

Branding & Identity

Your Company’s branding & image is how it’s viewed, seen and understood by your customers. It represents your values, sets you apart from your competitors. Developing your company’s identity is crucial if you’re looking to capture more attention in a crowded marketplace, strengthen your existing brand, create a new brand or create an online identity.


We design packaging that not only stands out from the crowd, differentiates you from your competitor and, sells itself in the store but balances the creative with the must have product truths.


Progression will work with you to create exhibition materials that showcase the very best you have to offer whether it is a grabbing visual theme for your exhibition stand, portable displays o point of sale for your retail space.

Print & Publications

Progression will work with you to create stylish and compelling publications that help you build relationships with the readers by communicating with clarity and authority whether it is news that excites them or beautifully presented products that make them want to buy them. We can manage the entire creative process from conception, design, layout and copy to managing the print negotiation and production including press pass. We create brochures, magazines, marketing and sales materials, Newsletter and Internal communications.

Reprographic Solutions

As as a stand alone or part of a look-book, magazine or catalogue design project, we’ll get your documents print ready to create successful print materials.
Our ‘repro’ team are total perfectionists with a keen eye for detail and an almost innate ability for editing all types of design artwork, a natural ability to fault find, edit and correct across any design platform. We can even take unprintable or ill-thought out artwork from all medias and associations and prepare it to be screen or lithographically printed! We can correct color settings, spot color definition, margins, resolution, bleeds, crop marks, missing fonts, poor text, spelling and grammar errors…


We concept, design and build digital experiences.  We specialise in website design and development, ecommerce website design, application development, and online marketing. Our mission is to lead you to success and to offer strategy and solutions to enable you to stay ahead of the competition in the ever changing digital landscape


We bring your stories to life through a combination of words, design, photography and video. We develop the message, we plan the creative and strategy designed to ensure it’s the right story, told at the right time via the right channels.

We are equally comfortable developing strategies for traditional and digital media. We consider what you want to say, what your audience wants to hear and the best mix of earned, owned, paid and direct channels to get the job done


We like to take ownership of our content from start to finish, and that means not only creating beautiful content, but ensuring the story reaches your audience.

We don’t just hand over assets and hope for the best, we work with you to develop a strategy for publishing and distributing this content including

– Social media marketing
– Media placement
– Integration with existing owned assets
– Integration into a broader content marketing strategy

Photography & Imaging Services.


Many of our clients are from this sector. We shoot editorial, look-books, e-Commerce and catalogues for a number of high street brands. We create high quality images either in our studio or out on location. All our images can be used across channels maximising the use of each asset. We can help you from conception through to completion, providing you with images that will define your brand.


E-commerce photography is a growing element of the retail and fashion industry, it is at the core of any successful e-commerce business.
We capture, retouch, process and supply images of the highest quality, which perfectly represent your products. We understand the needs of volume fashion and other retail industries. We will maximise output and multi-channel reach from each shoot. We are committed to support you increase sales and reach your commercial goals without compromising on the creative.

We specialise on invisible mannequin, mannequin, flat and model photography.


Progression started up as a high end retouching studio, which is why we understand fantastic post-production is commercially crucial, specially in the world of digital media. We offer high-end creative retouching for all photographic projects from e-commerce to campaign, with GMG certified proofing.
Our retouching services can be tailored to your individual needs. We work with brands, publications and photographers to provide a exquisite finishing to each image. Our greatest success comes when you can’t necessarily see that an image has had any work done to it; you just see a stunning photograph.


Progression produces cutting edge architectural photography and visualisation both for interiors and exteriors. We create property CGIs and artist impressions that bring commercial and residential projects to life, which can help you secure planning applications and to sell developments off plan. We can also produce property marketing brochures whether as a package to include photography and visualisation or as a stand alone product.


Our product CGI service is the most effective solution for product designers to explore design concepts, bring ideas to life or showcase new products long before anything has been manufactured. Product CGIs are also an excellent way of preparing all packaging and marketing visuals ready for a product launch speeding up the release of a product to market.

VIDEO & 360

If you need something more than just photographs, videos provide a visual connection between brand and customer. We specialise in fashion, 360 product and corporate videos.
Videos with a functional element really help to engage customers. Within the fashion industry, one of the best ways to build trust in your brand is by using catwalk or 360 product videos on your site. They show customers exactly how items of clothes will hang and bring to life each item of clothing in a way that photographs cannot. They are a great help to a consumer deciding whether they want to purchase an item of clothing.
Content videos are the best way you can build trust with potential and current customers . By creating meaningful and helpful video content, you are building a bridge to later sell that person your products and services.


White background cut out shots are perfect for e-commerce photography, but there are times when your ‘ Hero’ product shots need greater attention. Still-life needs creativity and imagination to bring life to your products. Create the right atmosphere using mood lighting, adding shadows, reflections, using special effects, props or shooting in dramatic angle for outstanding results.

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